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La Finocchiona
la Finocchiona Tuscany salami charcuterie


The finocchiona is a typical tuscany salami made with pork meat which is minced then flavoured with fennel.
Finocchiona is a typical moreover because is usually bigger than other sausages.

Its name derives from the full-bodied use of fennel seeds: The reason for this use was due to the lack of pepper, therefore, replaced by fennel seeds which give it an unmistakable flavour.
The texture is characterised by a balance of lean parts with fatty parts that then give the salami more sweetness and softness.
Its flavour is tasty with typical pleasant aroma of fennel and a soft consistency.
The shapes are cilindrical and sizes from 0.5 Kg to 25 kg.
The outer surface has a whitish patina due to moulds developed during maturing.

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How is it made?

Finocchiona is made with a selection of best pork cuts: we can mention boneless and defatted shoulder, ham trimmings, throats without glands, lean of bacon and jowl, neck meat, bacon.
This is followed by spicing by adding fennel seeds or flowers, garlic, salt, pepper and depending by the manufacturer it is possible to add red wine: 1 liter max. each 100 kg of meat dough.
The meat is minced with small mincer plates (4.5 to 8 mm holes) and the mixture is mixed.
After, the meat is stuffed into casin, natural or glued.
Follows the tying with twine or using pre-packed net or warped net.


Depending on size/weight of salami, each Finocchiona, must be dried and matured for a specific time : first must dry in premises at the temperature between 12░ to 25░ C.
Then, takes place the maturing in premises with temperatures between 11░ to 18░C humidity between 65 and 90%.

Production area

   The pigs for the production of Finocchiona must be located in the territory of Tuscany.
The pigs must have a weight about 160 Kgs (10% plus or less) and age between nine to fifteen months, belonging to italian Large White, italian Landrace and italian Duroc breed.

Some producers

Antica Macelleria Falorni s.r.l. - Greve in Chianti (FI)

Consortium for the protection
consortium for the protection finocchiona

In 2015 Finocchiona was awarded the European P.G.I. denomination (Protected Geographical Indication).

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tel. 055 4221769
website: https://www.finocchionaigp.it/
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