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Mortadella Bologna
Mortadella Bologna PGI

There is an inebriating smell in the air. It is something indescribable.
On a table a freshly cut slice of mortadella bologna put inside a good warm sandwich. That smell and that taste are part of our life.

Maybe we can talk about Mortadella Bologna in different ways, but italians and who did that "experience", know what i mean.

Mortadella Bologna or simply "Bologna" is a cooked sausage made exclusively with first choice pork meat.

It is the most important cured meat of Bologna city in Emilia Romagna region.

How it is made?

Mortadella Bologna is made with pork meat, mainly shoulders of the pig and high-quality fat obtained from the throat fat.


Meat is selected, minced, while fatty parts are reduced to small cubes (known as "lardelli"), which are heated, washed and drained.
Meat, fatty parts with the addition of salt and pepper, are now mechanically mixed in grinding machines.

In the dough is possible to use natural flavouring (no more than 0.3% of total weight), spices and herbs, pistachio, sugar at a maximum dose of 0.5%.


Dough is bagged in natural or synthetic casing and cooked for a long time - 8/26 hours depending on weight - in dry air ovens.

The cooking is stopped when centre of mortadella reaches 70░ C: That is very important phase, because, that cooking value allows to give that particular scent and softness.


Last phase of processing is the cold shower and cooling down.
From oven to shower: A cold shower with a stream of cold air, lowers the temperature of the mortadella, which is then ready to be packaged.

Production area

Mortadella di Bologna PGI is produced in region of Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Province of Trento, Tuscany, Marches and Latium.


There are 36 producers of Mortadella Bologna PGI.
Some producers:

simonini - charchuterie since 1927
Castelvetro (MO)

Cortebuona - Italia Alimentari  S.p.A. ivitaly
Italia Alimentari S.p.A.
Busseto (PR)

Consortium for the protection
It was established in 2001 with the partecipation of major Mortadella Bologna producers.
Mortadella di Bologna is a P.G.I.. product (Protected Geographical Indication), since 1998 by European Union.

Strada 4, Palazzo Q8
Rozzano (MI)
Tel: +39 02892590
fax: +39 57510607
email: infom@mortadellabologna.com
Consortium website: https://mortadellabologna.com/en/consorzio/



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