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Extra virgin olive oils Agresti 1902
Extra virgin olive oils Agresti 1902


A job and a commitment: to insist on producing quality oils in an area in Latina province (Lazio region) the area of Colli Pontine PDO, where many olive-growing areas have been continuously abandoned in recent decades.

Francesco Paolo Agresti believe in a sustainable olive growing and believes in the quality of olive growing in the high hills on terraced land, where the cultivation is more difficult but climatic and soil conditions can favour oils with better nutraceutical characteristics: It means extra virgin oils with better level or polyphenols and antioxidants.

The extra virgin olive oils of Agresti 1902 has been awarded in many international competitions ranking these oils among the absolute best.

A monovarietal "Itrana" for this extra virgin olive oil COLLI PONTINE PDO with an intense bouquet, medium fruitiness, with aromaticity mainly expressed by the tomato leaf and herbaceous scents of rocket and fresh basil.
Won a Gold medal to the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2023.
Won the "three leaf" 2023 of Gambero Rosso; won a Gold medal to Global Olive Oil awards 2023
of Berlin, Germany

501 Altitudo

Extra virgin olive oil with monovarietal Itrana olive.
This oil is cold-pressed within few hours of harvesting from the olives of 501 centuries-old trees of the farm.
It is a very balanced and delicate oil, rich of antioxidants and vitamin E. On the nose it is medium fruity, very fragrant.
On the palate it is little bit spicy with notes of tomato leaf stand out, scents of herbs.

Won a Gold medal to the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2022.
Won a Gold medal to the Olive Japan International extra olive oil competition 2022.

SUSTAINABILITY: an important meaning that in "Agresti 1902" are clear actions: rain irrigation only, grassing; manual harvesting and pruning; two-stage crushing with less water and energy consumption.


The olive groves are situated in the municipalities of Itri and Sonnino, Latina province at an altitude between 400 and 550 meters.

Strada Bella Farnia, 35
04106 Sabaudia (LT)

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