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Capocollo di Calabria
Capocollo di Calabria PDO


Capocollo di Calabria PDO is a charchuterie product made with meat of pigs, salted and matured.
A product with a very strong bond with the rural culture and tradition of the Calabrian people.
Once upon a time, there was no village or country house where there wasn't hanging from the ceiling a "capocollo" or a "soppressata" made with the best meat from a well-bred pig, a true food support for the family.

Nowadays the capocollo has retained the same good and genuine taste.

It is a sausage with a cilindric shape, tied with natural twine and often with reed splints in the longitudinal direction to better maintain the shape.
The colour is ruby-red with parts dark-pink with white fatty parts.

The flavour is delicate and intense at the same time, sweet or spicy if is a "capocollo piccante" (piccante=spicy), with aromas of ripened meat and the right balance of salt, pepper, spices and/or chilli pepper.

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NOTE: The Capocollo is a cured meat of great quality and would deserve the same fame and diffusion as cured meats such as prosciutto crudo.

How is it made?

Capocollo is made with upper part of the loin of pigs, boned and dry-salted or in a brine.
The meat must have a thickness of abou 3-4 mm of fatty part for keeping it softer during maturing.

The meat undergoes the salting process which takes from 4 to 14 days, then capocollo is washed with water and soaked with wine vinegar.

After meat is massaged and pressed with the addition of natural ingredients (black pepper, spicy red or sweet red chilli pepper, spices and natural flavourings); it can be add some preservatives (dextrose, ascorbic acid, etc.) and some chemical additive (E 252).
Follows the tying with twine and perforation of the wrapping. In the tying phase, the use of characteristic sticks is permitted.


The Capocollo is now hung for a draining period in well-ventilated premises where the relative humidity and temperature are controlled.
Maturing must take place in rooms with controlled temperature and humidity to preserve the capocollo from microbial flora, allowing a slow maturing.
Maturing period must be no less than one hundred days from the date of salting.

Production area

Capocollo di Calabria is produced in whole territory of Calabria region in South of Italy.

The pigs must be born in Calabria, Sicily, Basilicata, Apulia and Campania and belonging to Apulo-Calabrese, Large White or Landrace Italiana breeds but must be reared in Calabria since fourth months after birth and then processed in Calabria only.

Some producers

san vincenzo - calabrian charchuterie
San Vincenzo di Fernardo Rota s.r.l.
Spezzano Piccolo (CS)

Consortium for the protection
It was established in 2007. In 1998 the Capocollo di Calabria was awarded the European P.D.O. denomination (Protected Designation of Origin).

Viale Piave, 3
87100 Cosenza
tel. 0785 70537
website: consorzio di tutela dei Salumi di calabria DOP



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