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Mozzarella di bufala campana PDO
Mozzarella di Bufala campana DOP,


One of the iconic product of Italy.
We could say pasta pizza and...mozzarella!

Mozzarella is a fresh pasta filata cheese, a delicious italian dairy product known and appreciated all over the world.

First thing we have to say is, Mozzarella is made with fresh whole buffalo raw milk only.
Then, there is other kind of mozzarella called "Fiordilatte" or "Fior di Latte" ("milk flower") made with cow milk.

Besides there are so many dairy products all over the world called "mozzarella" that have nothing to do with the unique, original "Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO".
The consortium undertakes various initiatives to protect the product from counterfeiting and italian sounding.

So, anyone who wants to buy real "mozzarella" has to buy 'mozzarella di bufala campana PDO' with consortium and PDO logos on the packaging.

A good fresh buffalo mozzarella is....

- pearly white in colour, smooth surface, spheroidal shape, many sizes, or braided shape.
- When you cut a fresh mozzarella drops of whitish whey come out.
- The paste is tender and elastic, the flavour is slightly acidic, tastes of lactic ferments.
- the structure consists of overlapping layers more visible in the outer part, with a thin rind and then, a mass with a more homogeneous paste.

How is it made?

the buffalo milk - already filtered - arrives in dairy and it must be processed in mozzarella within 60 hours.
ACIDIFICATION: The acidification of milk and curd is achieved by the addition of natural whey graft of previous processing of same dairy or other near dairies.
COAGULATION: It is achieved heating milk at a tempereture between 33 - 39░ C with the addition of calf rennet.
CURD: the curd must ripen for several hours, and this depends on the amount of lactic acid bacteria present in the natural whey graft. Usually about 5 hours after calf rennet is added.
The curd is cut into strips then chopped and put in containers.
STRETCHING: The typical processing of spun paste ("pasta filata")is made adding hot water at temperature of about 80-95░ C. This boiling water causes the fusion of the mass under the action OF cheesemaker that lifts and pulls the past until it turns into a smooth and stringy mass, which can now be spun to create the mozzarella or other shapes.
CUTTING: The cheesemaker take the right quantity of paste and "mozza", that is, "cut" the piece and begin to shape it by hands to create the mozzarella or other shapes; then put mozzarella in a container with cold water (10-15 ░C) to firm it up for about 10-15 minutes.

SALTING: The last step is put mozzarella in brine: a solution of water and salt in concentrations that vary from dairy to dairy.

Production area

The Mozzarella di bufala Campana is produced in 4 regions: Campania with the territory of Caserta and Salerno, part of the provinces of Naples and Benevento. Lazio region with part of provinces of Frosinone, Latina and Rome. Apulia with part of Foggia province and Venafro, Isernia province, Molise region.

Some producers

Caseificio Agnena s.r.l.
Cancello ed Arnone (CE)

Il Casolare
Alvignano (CE)


Mozzarella di bufala campana PDO is the fourth cheese in Italy for production volumes.
55.815 t. in 2022 (t = metric ton = 1.000 KG).
35% of production is exported especially in France, then Germany, Spain and United Kingdom.


Reggia di Caserta
Regie Cavallerizze, Via Gasparri 1
81100 Caserta
+39 0823 424780
e-mail: info@mozzarelladop.it
website: mozzarelladop.it




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