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Prosciutto San Daniele
Prosciutto San Daniele - cured ham

A unique prosciutto crudo: A perfect combination of taste and sweetness.

"Every taste is an experience of goodness and delicacy. Every slice is the result of centuries of tradition that have made San Daniele an Italian product of excellence enjoyed worldwide", as states the Consortium.

How it is made?

The prosciutto crudo San Daniele is produced only with legs of pigs, born, bred and slaughtered exclusively in Italy. Three ingredients only: selected legs, sea salt and microclimate of San Daniele. No additives or preservatives are used.

The pigs are fed a controlled diet, laid down in the production regulations, consisting mainly of whey and high quality cereals. Only the legs that pass the preliminary conformity check enter in the production. The selected meats are kept for 24 hours at a temperature between -1C and +3C to allow them to 'toning'. Finally, they are trimmed with cuts suitable for moisture loss.

The producers of Prosciutto San Daniele

Consortium for safeguard and protection

this is the link of all producers of this excellent italian ham.

the producers


31 producers only.

Production Area: 10 regions of North of Italy.

Pigs raised in 3626 breeding farms

The hams during maturing



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