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Taleggio PDO


The Taleggio is another very old cheese whose origins date back before the 10th century. A benchmark for Italian dairy production.

   The famous squared cheese has a thin and pinkish-colored rind with a soft, creamy and compact texture.
The paste colour is between white and yellowish, softer/creamier under the rind and somewhat crumblier towards the centre of the cheese.

Its flavour is essentially sweet with some very slight sour notes.

Taleggio PDO is a washed-rind cheese.
What means washed-rind? it means that the cheese surfaces are carried out spongings and washings with brines to eliminate unwanted mould and to grow 'good' bacteria to give rise to the typical aromas of this cheese.
Taleggio is a centripetal ripening cheese, that is, from the rind towards the centre.

Taleggio is a parallelepiped shaped cheese with side of 18-20 cm and about 4-7 cm, which weight is between 1,7 to 2,2 kg.

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How is it made?

The taleggio cheese PDO, is a soft cheese, made from raw or pastorized cow's milk.
At the beginning of the process, the milk is heated to promote coagulation; then a bacteria (lactobacillus delbruekii bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus) graft is inserted and after is added the calf rennet.


After breaking the curd (two times), it is put into moulds making a drainage of whey.
Now begins the so called "stufatura", that is the elimination of the whey at controlled temperature of 22-25°C for 8-16 hours, when the moulds are turned many times. The Taleggio takes its final shape.


The aging period of Taleggio is at least 35 days at temperature between 2 to 6 ░C, with humidity of about 85-90%.

Production area

Taleggio valley is the name of origin area, located in north of Bergamo province. However, now it is produced in all Lombardy region and in Novara and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola provinces (Piemonte region) and Treviso province (Veneto region) of North of Italy.

Some producers

casearia Arnoldi Valtaleggio srl
Casearia Arnoldi Valtaleggio s.r.l. - Taleggio (BG)

caseificio Taddei
Caseificio Taddei - Fornovo San Giovanni (BG)


The Consortium of Taleggio PDO cheese (Taleggio safeguard consortium) was established in 1979.

This is the link of Consortium of Taleggio PDO cheese


2021: production of about 4.340.000 of squared wheel of cheese.

  26% of Taleggio production is the export share, of which 64 % in EU countries and 36 % in Extra EU countries.



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