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Extra virgin olive oil Monti Iblei
Extra virgin olive oil Monti Iblei PDO


The extra virgin olive oil Monti Iblei PDO is a quality sicilian olive oil, produced in eastern part of this region.
The name of that oils "Monti Iblei" may be followed by further geografical terms depending of more specific production areas.

Monti Iblei PDO is and extra virgen oil with an harmonic flavour, an always medium-intense fruity, with a fruity taste of herbs, green tomato and artichoke; are recognisable in the flavour, some slight bitter and spicy notes.

"Tonda Iblea" olive


How is it made?

The Monti Iblei PDO must be produced with a minimum of 80 % of varieties among «Tonda Iblea», «Moresca», «Nocellara Etnea», «Verdese» «Biancolilla» and «Zaituna».


First step is the harvest, made from tree by hand or using mechanical tools/machines.
The transport is made in perforated containers for avoiding any kind of fermentation or heating of the olives.

It must occurs withing 48 hours from the harvest with continuous cycle and/or cold pressing extraction process.
All phases for the extraction of the oil must be done using physical-mechanical plants, in order to produce oils that respect the original features of the fruit, for preserving taste, aromas, polyphenols, etc..

Production area

   Monti Iblei PDO is produced in the territories of the provinces of Ragusa, Siracusa and Catania, Sicily region.

Some producers

agrestis monti iblei PDOI

Buccheri (SR)

Consortium for the protection

consortium for the protection of monti iblei PDO

Piazza Libertà
97100 Ragusa
tel. 0932 247560
website: https://https://www.montiblei.com/il-consorzio/
e-mail: segreteriamontiblei@gmail.com




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