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Cantele wines
Cantele wines


Cantele is the story of a beautiful family: Giovanni Battista Cantele and his wife Teresa Manara, went to Apulia - in the post-war period - from the north of Italy and there put down roots.
Giovanni Battista (founder) continued to work in the bulk wine business, bringing the best of indigenous wine to the north of Italy.
In 1979, the sons founded Cantele but for selling bottles wines only.

In the early 1990s bought some hectares of vines and started their own production of wines.

The winery is now managed by the grandchildren of Giovanni Battista and Teresa. They produce many kind of wines using native vines as Primitivo, Susumaniello, Negroamaro, Verdeca, Malvasia but Chardonnay also.

There are different lines: "Cantele line", "Teresa Manara" line with Chardonnay and Negramaro, Rohesia line with some "pearls" as Rohesia Metodo Classico Rosé Pas Dosé and Rohesia Susumaniello. But we have to mention some good vintages of "Fanòi Negramaro".

CHARDONNAY: A Chardonnay different from others, a real challenge, but the results were and are very interesting. A wine which offers a very complex and harmonic aromas not usual to find in other Chardonnay.
The Chardonnay made in Cantele has an identity that has enabled it to receive prestigious awards.

An important wine is this AMATIVO, we can say among the best wines in Italy.

It is a Salento P.G.I. blended with Primitivo and Negroamaro.
A traditional cultivation of the vine ("alberello"), a manual harvest. All the Apulia, with this its soil and climate inside this wine.
It is a ruby red wine, full-bodied and intense, with harmonious aromas of rose and violet, scents of berries, slighty spices in the final.
The palate retains the same features and it is masterfully harmonious, sweet and spicy, balanced and velvety.

Production area

The vineyards are located in Guagnano (LE), where is the winery (50 ha*) and in other locations as Montemesola, Sava, Locorotondo, Alberobello, Salice Salentino, Cellino San Marco, about 150 ha in total.

*(1 ha=10.000mq=107.639 ft²)

NOTE: The company offers a gastronomic laboratory "ISensi" : it is a minimalist and elegant space as a dining room where is possible to make a journey through flavours and aromas of Apulia: recipes, wine and oil tasting.

S.P. 365 (Salice Salentino – Sandonaci) Km 1
73010 – Guagnano (LE)
Tel. 0832-705010
e-mail: cantele@cantele.it
website: Cantele winery




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