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Sila's potato
Sila's potato PGI


Sila's potato PGI is a product of the mountain.
Its environment is within a Sila Natural Park and due to its microclimate, with large temperature variations, pure spring water, clean air, uncontaminated environment, allows all the organoleptic properties to be preserved.

The Sila's potato is referred to the cultivation of some varieties as Agria, Ditta, Marabel, Nicola, Desiree, Majestic. There is a organic potatoes line formed by Agria, Liseta, Natasha, Bionta, Spunta, Monalisa varieties.

The most important feature of Sila's potato is the consistent skin and pulp; this also favours a long shelf life.

Use in kitchen

Sila's potato is ideal for frying because it has a high content of dry substance and a very firm pulp.
Each kind is good for specific recipes: the Majestic is better for puree; the "Nicola" is better steamed and baking; the Desirèe is very good for making gnocchi while "Ditta" variety is better for roasting and boiling; however they are used in many regional recipes.

Sila's potato PGI

How is it produced?

The soils where that tubers are cultivated must be prepared for avoiding any kind of water stagnation.
Crop rotation is practised: this means that for at least two years that soil has not been used for potato cultivation.
Sowing takes place between April and June and harvesting between August 15 to November.
Then the distribution and sales starts in the winter season until April.


The products must be stored in dark premises and room temperature with good ventilation to help the potatoes dry for no longer than 8 months and no beyond April 30th.
In alternative can be stored in special cold storage rooms with temperatures between 5 and 10░C and a humidity of 93-98% for up to 10 months. In any case no later than May 30th.


Production area

Sila potato PGI is produced in the territory of some municipalities of the Sila's Plateau province of Cosenza and Catanzaro (Calabria region).

The Corsortium was established on 2003 with the aim to promote and enhance the production of potato of Sila Plateau.
In 2010, it was awarded the European P.G.I. denomination (Protected Geographical Indication).

The Consortium of Sila's potato has 41 partners between farms and cooperatives and more of 100 producers.
The production is about 300 t (t = 1.000 KG) made in 800 hectares (1976,84 ac).

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