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Pantelleria caper
Pantelleria caper PGI


An essential product in many italian recipes of pasta, fish and meat.
But, what is a caper?

The caper is really a flower bud of a plant, called Capparis Spinosa, processing essentially with sea salt. The Pantelleria caper grows in an arid, "harsh" land: The action of the sea and wind, the sun, the characteristics of the soil of volcanic origin; all contribute to the 'creation' of a strong product, unique like its land, Sicily.

The best soils for capers are those facing to the sun: The Pantelleria farmers have created many terraced areas built with stone.

a handful of capers with the typical salt

How is it produced?

HARVEST - The harvest begins at the end of may and finish about middle of september.
Every morning, early in the morning, each farmer collects buds at the right stage of ripeness. Then they put the capers in containers and add medium coarse sea salt, about a 40% in weight.

SALTING/MATURATION - A slow maturation phase begins, because capers can not be consumed in a fresh state, they would be bitter and unpleasant to the taste. This period of maturation - ten days - in a brine, gives capers the finest quality: aroma, fragrance, flavor and fleshy texture.

During that ten days the farmers frequently mix the capers inside the containers.
At the end of that period, takes place another phase of salting, with a less quantity of sea salt; however the quantity of salt is a decision of farmer that check the maturation level of capers. So, that second period lasts another ten days.

Production area

The production area is the territory of the Isle of Pantelleria only, in Sicily region.

There is a cooperative of producers not a Consortium. The producers' cooperative was founded in 1971 and has 250 producers.
In 1996, Pantelleria caper was awarded the European P.G.I. denomination (Protected Geographical Indication).

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