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Speck Alto Adige
Speck Alto Adige PGI


The Speck is made with pork leg which is deboned, salted, seasoned, then lightly smoked and cured.

Speck is a ham characterised by its intense aroma and flavour, which derives from the quality of the meat but very much from the preparation that includes spices, smoking and curing in clean and cold environments. It is made using the ancient traditional meat processing.

Besides we can say that Speck is born by the union of two different traditions: In the mediterraneam method, the ham is drying with salt and air; in the Centre and North of Europe the ham is produced using salt, spices and smoke.

The differences between producers stem from small family secrets, but they all recognise the motto 'little salt, little smoke and lots of fresh air'.
Again, the peasant need to preserve meat throughout the year, and thus for a purely family purpose, has consolidated processing and preparation techniques that have been handed down over time.

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How is it made?

The pork legs are delivered fresh and must have a minimum weight of 10,50 kg. They were deboned and trimmed and the final weight must not be less of 5.2 kg.
The porks are born on farms located in EU countries.

CONTROL: Takes place a control of legs and in the meat part must be no signs of previous inflammatory or traumatic processes, no microhaemorrhages in the muscle portion.
On the skin must not be a marked venous reticulum, etc. etc.
The lean parts of the meat must not show any muscle tears.

CUT: Cutting and trimming follow a precise traditional technique which results must not leave any tears or abnormal cuts in the parts.

SALTING: This is a very important phase: the legs are dry salted and seasoned. It is called "salmistratura" (in italian).
The legs (called "baffe") are sprinkled with salt and pepper: these are two basic ingredients used by everyone. But any producers add spices, usually bay leaves, rosemary and juniper, and someone red garlic, coriander and cumin. Every producer has some little secret about spices and the way to mixed it, give to ham his personal touch.
The legs stay with salt, pepper and spices for three weeks and they are turned many times to allow the substances to penetrate. At the end the percentage of salt must not be more than 5% of the weight.

SMOKING: The light smoking phase - the wood is usually beech - is made keeping a the smoke temperature of 20° C and it is alternated with an outdoor drying phase.
This smoke at that temperature, can penetrate better in the meat. So, smoke and fresh air of the mountains.

CURING: The last phase is the curing: It is made in well-ventilated rooms and can last up to 22 weeks; it depends by the legs weight.
At the end, the ham loses about 1/3 of its initial weight.
A layer of aromatic mould is also created on the outside - which will be removed - and which is an indication of correct curing. This mould will also contribute to the very characteristic flavour notes of Speck Alto Adige.

Production area

Speck Alto Adige PGI is produced in the Province of Bolzano, Trentino Alto Adige region(Südtirol).


There are 28 authorized producers of Speck Alto Adige P.G.I.

Consortium for the safeguard of Speck Alto Adige

The Corsortium was established in 1992. In 1996 Speck Alto Adige was awarded the European P.G.I. denomination.

Via Portici 71
39100 Bolzano
tel. +39 - 0471300381
email: info@speck.it
website:Corsortium of Speck Alto Adige



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