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Gaeta's Olive
Gaeta's Olive PDO


Gaeta's Olive PDO is a food product consisting of olives - which cultivar is "Itrana" - with water and sea salt.
These olives and olive trees were mentioned for first time in a document of 954 AD of Duke of Gaeta. Then, especially since 1400, these olives were marketed throughout the Mediterranean, also taking in count the importance of port of Gaeta.

The Gaeta's olive has a shape a little bit tapered, with a dark pink - violet in colour.
Its flavour is bitterish with acetic overtones, almost winy. This olive is distinguished from other table olives by the particular softness of the pulp and by the fact that the fruit is clearly detached from the stone.

Gaeta's olives by Miraglia srl - Carinaro (CE)

Use in kitchen

The Gaeta's olives are usually offered as an appetiser, in many salads and in many dishes to bring more flavour. It can be used with pasta recipes, fish dishes and it is selectect among others because its bitterish taste, gives more flavour to dishes with less strong flavours.

Gaeta's olive P.D.O.

How is it produced?

The olives must belong to "Itrana" variety.

HARVEST: It takes place in autumn and can be done manually or through machines/tools which do not damage plants and fruits: A Gaeta's olive P.D.O. must have the outer membrane ("epicarpo") absolutelty perfect, brilliant, black colour and/or a slight veiling.
The olives are harvested in opened plastic crates for airing, avoiding overlapping them by more than 25 cm in height.

SIZING AND SELECTION: The sizing phase begins by removing olives smaller than 13 mm and damaged olives (damadeg for transport, frost or pests).


Within 24 hours of harvest, must begin the process, traditional and natural, so called "sistema alla Itrana" ("Itrana system")
The olives are placed in containers; then they are filled with water until all the olives are covered. A natural fermentation begins until the PH is 4.5 or lower.
SALTING: The quantity of 7 kg of salt each 100 kg of olives are added to obtaine the brine.
This liquid will have a red-winy colour, lactic odour with slight acetic overtones and clear liquid with 4.5 PH or lower.
After a period of minimum 5 months the olives are ready to be table olives "Gaeta's olives P.D.O.".
PACKAGING: Before this final phase, it is allowed to filter the brine and/or the use of acidifying/preservatives substances such as L-ascorbic acid and citric acid, in order to promote and prolong the shelf life of the product.
At the same time the pasteurisation of the only brine is permitted.


The Gaeta's olive has higher amount of polyphenols and total tocopherols compared to other pickled olives; besides the presence of tocopherol in acetate form, is absent in other olives in brine.

Production area

Gaeta's Olive PDO is produced in the territory of 44 municipalities of the provinces of Latina, Frosinone and Roma (Latium region) and Caserta (Sessa Aurunca and Cellole) in Campania region.

Some producers

La Rocca Gaeta's olive

La Rocca s.r.l.
Rocca Massima (LT)

consortium website

The Corsortium was established on 2010 with the aim to promote and enhance the Gaeta's olive PDO.
In 2016, it was awarded the European P.D.O. denomination (Protected Denomination of Origin).

Consorzio per la tutela e la valorizzazione dell'oliva di Gaeta DOP
Piazza Umberto I, 3
04020 Itri (LT)
tel. 0771 321020
email: info@olivagaetadop.it
website: Corsortium website




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