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Toma Piemontese
Toma Piemontese

Toma piemontese cheese has very ancient origin. It is already mentioned during the 11th century: this cheese was given to the poor, being very tasty, even quite spicy, it replaced salt, given its scarcity at the time.

Toma piemontese PDO is produced in two types:
- first is a semi-cooked cheese produced with whole cow's milk for the whole milk type (recognized as general "Toma piemontese");
- second is a semi-cooked cheese produced with semi-skimmed milk for the "Toma piemontese semigrasso" type (semigrasso=semi-fat).


The cheeses are cylindrical, between 15-35 cm in diameter and 6-12 cm in height("scalzo" in italian), weighing between 1.8 and 9 kg.

How it is made?

Milk is collected from a single milking for "Toma piemontese" and from two milkings for "toma piemontese semigrasso". Then milk rests for 12 hours ("toma piemontese") and 24 hours for "toma piemontese semigrasso".

The cheesemakers proceed with the skimming by surfacing, then putting the mass in the boiler, kept under agitation until is reached the coagulation temperature (32 - 38░ C).
At that point the calf skin rennet is added and milk rests for about 40 minutes

CURD : now take place an initial coarse breaking of the curd followed by another break until the lumps have reached the size of a grain of corn, for whole milk cheese and smaller as a rice for the "Toma piemontese semigrasso".
The curd is then left to rest and placed in molds pressed and left to drain.

SALTING : This is followed by salting by hand with coarse salt or in brine.

MATURING: The cheeses are left to mature in traditional caves or suitable places with a 85% of humidity for at least 15 days if their weigh less than 6 kg and for at least 60 days if their weigh more than 6 kg.

Production area

It is produced throughout the Alpine part of Piedmont (region in the northwestern of Italy).

The Toma piemontese obtained the PDO in 1993.

Some producers

Valgrana S.p.A.
Valgrana S.p.A. - Scarnafigi (Cn)

rognoni umberto cheeses since 1913
Rognoni Umberto s.r.l. - Abbiategrasso (MI)

Via Silvio Pellico, 10
10022 Carmagnola (TO)
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