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Italian agri-food products: An extraordinary tale

best italian agri-food products

Italy, is recognized all around the world as the homeland of art and culture. A heritage of inestimable value.

Francesco Borromini - Sant'Ivo Alla Sapienza - Rome

However, although less well known, extremely important is the heritage of italian agri-food sector: An incredible wide range of products, each strictly linked to its territory.

We talk about agricultural products as raw materials and products that have undergone processing and transformation. Here, Italy is a giant. We explain it through numbers.

Italy actually has 319 food product and 526 wines recognized with a Certification label of European Union among

P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin); P.G.I. (Protected Geografic Indication); T.G.S. (Traditional Guaranteed Specialty) for food

and I.G.T., D.O.C., D.O.C.G., for wine***.
***However with the legislative decree N░ 61 of April 8th 2010, all the wines D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. had to merge into the P.D.O. denomination, with the possibility to maintain the D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. "old" denominations.

Italy is first nation in the world for number of certified products.

This is the link to webpage on italian Ministry of Agriculture, food sovereignty and forests: P.D.O., P.G.I., T.G.S. products list

variety, flavours, quality

A country, 20 regions, whose differences are many, from climate, to biodiversity, to traditions, to the products of the land and their processing into great final quality products.

But what is so interesting and peculiar about it?

We could consider many elements.

- regional differences: a basic product, hundreds and hundreds of different products in terms of taste, techniques, flavors, shapes. A word, "typical", represents Italian products very well and it means features and relationships to a place in a strong way.

- ancient roots: many of those products have ancient origin, sometimes millennial origin and this aspect relates the products to the history of Italy, millennial. History and tradition bound together, products and its transformations that are almost always handed down over the centuries.

- quality: everyone all around the world recognize the quality of our italian products. So, quality of raw materials, quality in processing, food safety and susteinability.

- Certification : having 845 certified products puts Italy in a leading position.

It means that a product - especially a P.D.O. product - must follow a specification that dictates very strict rules on the product and processing. This causes a considerable effort for the producer to adhere to these rules, but with substantial advantages for the end consumer who knows what he is eating and knows he can be safe.

wine and grappa since 1635

Bottega S.p.A.

wine and grappa since 1635

   IVITALY is designed and managed by a team of enthusiasts of Italian agri-food production.
    IVITALY is a showcase of best italian agri-food products. We want to tell you this extraordinary tale of history and traditions, people and passions, incredible products that deserve to be even better known.

  IVITALY will open a store in Florida (USA) soon in West Palm Beach area, for the direct sale and distribution of these products throughout the USA.

   Ivitaly can help the italian producers to sell their products in U.S.A. give them a new platform and more opportunities.

   We have already entered into relationships with brokers, wholesalers, foodservice distributors and a series of plans, services, strategies for developing this project.

What we are looking for?

Our team is looking for well-known products but even products that are still little known, small or medium productions, but of great food value.

So, if you are an italian agri-food producer, we are here for you.
Contact us by email and talk about your product or products.


( a first little list )

Extra virgin olive oils

Miceli & Sensat



Parmigiano Reggiano


Caciocavallo Silano


Toma piemontese


Speck Alto Adige

Prosciutto San Daniele


Pasta Rummo

Food condiment

Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena PDO



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