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Extra virgin olive oils Miceli & Sensat
Extra virgin olive oils Miceli & Sensat, U'ciuri,


The tradition of their respective families meet in the work of Paolo Miceli and Sergio Sensat.
Italy and Spain for a new project of organic farm in Sicily where tradition and innovation work together.

Born in 2016 Miceli & Sensat has already obtained many prizes all around the world.
It is a very interesting farm in the panorama of quality extra virgin olive oils production.


A blend of Biancolilla, Cerasuola and Arbequina. An oil soft and elegant with notes of almond and hints of green tomato.
Won a Gold award winner 2023 at NYIOOC New York International Olive Oil Competition


Extra virgin olive oil with monovarietal Nocellara del Belice olive. A selection of best olives harvested in different places through a manual harvesting only.
It has an important bouquet where tomato stand out, with hints of herbs.
On the palate it is little bit spicy and bitter, but are balanced.

Won a Premier Medal, that is, one of the eight best extra virgin olive oils in the world to the Japan Olive 2023 International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

Won for two years the top award, that is, a Gold award winner 2022 and Gold award winner 2023 at NYIOOC New York International Olive Oil Competition


The olive groves are situated in the municipality of Roccamena (PA) near to the lake Garcia. About 115 hectares and 5 cultivar types: Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola, Biancolilla, Piqual and Arbequina.

Contrada Gammari
90046 Monreale (PA)
T. +39 333 230 0790
email: info@miceliandsensat.it
website: https://miceliandsensat.it/en/




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